Love Puzzles?


Friends, I’m addicted to crosswords. And you might think, “Willa, solving puzzles is not a vice,” but for me it’s a compulsion—one that looooves to suck the time from other things I need to do, like the inexorable, vampire-hobby that it is.


So I started brainstorming ways to turn my time-thirsty pastime into something useful, and decided to try making crosswords of my own. I thought custom puzzles might be a fun “exclusive” for readers who visit my blog or subscribe to my newsletter.

I recently took my first stab at it—using a free app—and the result is now ready for your enjoyment. (Or ridicule. YMMV.)

It’s not perfect: There's a word that appears twice (accidentally), and you could probably name three possible themes for it (also not intended). But I hope you’ll check it out anyway, especially if you're a diehard cruciverbalist, or if you’ve read my book EVERYTHING BUT THE EARL—which is the only theme I included on purpose!

Click on the image below to open the puzzle, and it will appear in a new window. If you’re new to crosswords, or if you find yourself stymied by them, this nifty post lays out everything you need to know to start conquering them. (Hint: It’s more about knowing the norms of puzzle-making, and not so much about having a lot of random trivia rattling around your brain.) Thanks, enjoy, and good luck! Please tell me what you think in the comments!