Would Your Mom Like My Book? A Mother's Day Quiz


I like to think that my historical romance EVERYTHING BUT THE EARL would make a fine gift for anyone. But if you're uncertain whether this funny, feminist, cute-dog-having book is the right gift for your Mom this Mother's Day, here's a short quiz. For every 'TRUE' statement below, please give yourself the points indicated:


1. My mom is OK with mild cursing. (5 points)

2. My mom loves cursing and enjoys learning new curse words. She's the best curser in our family. (15 points)

3. Speaking of which, Mom taught me that "the double standard" between men and women is some bull$#!+. (45 points)


4. On family movie nights, Mom does *not* fast-forward through "love scenes." She breaks out the popcorn instead. (310 points)

5. When my mom says she likes "strong," "outspoken" women she means it. Saucy, opinionated broads are her jam. (8,500 points)


6. Mom thinks that pitbulls are some of the sweetest, gentlest dogs around. And she just might fight you if you disagree. (1,000,000 points)

7. She's willing to believe that large reptiles can be lovely pets, too. (5 points)

8. You say this book includes a brilliant but long-suffering Mother, and a Daughter trying to do right by her? Yeah, my Ma would binge-read that thing in a heartbeat. (1,000 points)

9. Mom loves to laugh. (50 points)

10. And I love hearing her laugh. (Automatic qualification. Seriously--go preorder this for her right now.)

So, yeah--this quiz is fake. Sorry about that. If you got any points at all, though, please get that lovely Mother of yours EVERYTHING BUT THE EARL this Sunday. Or choose from this extensive list of recommendations from this year's debut authors. Don't make me remind you where you came from.