Who is this Willa?


Before becoming an author, I wrote meeting minutes.

And web copy.

And planning reports.

I don’t miss those jobs, but I do appreciate how much they taught me: Transcribing all those conversations? Gave me an ear for dialogue. Web writing? Taught me pith. Years of city planning? Helped me bring a fresh perspective to Regency London.

So my road to becoming a novelist was full of wrong-turns and unexpected pitstops. But it turns out, those were just what I didn’t know I needed.

Now I write fiction that's being hailed as "witty" and “sassy” and "delightful," and I hope my books make you laugh, cry, and feel a little tingly. Maybe even all at the same time.

City Owl Press published my debut novel EVERYTHING BUT THE EARL this past July, a historical romance and the first in my Wayward & Willful series. I'm working on the next in that series right now.

I’ve lived in Delaware, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and the Pacific Northwest. I enjoy reading and writing about defiant women, bantering couples, and cheeky, tight-knit families.


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